How do I change the owner of a .dk domain?

In order to change owner/registrant for a .dk domain you need to go through DK Hostmaster, the Danish .dk domain administration.

When a domain is created, it is registered with your name as owner (also known as registrant). The registrant can be a person, but it can also be a company or an organization.

A user ID is assigned to the registrant, which is used afterwards for managing the domain. It is possible to manage several domains from a single user ID. Changing the owner/registrant for a .dk domain is done in practice by moving the domain to another user ID.

If the new domain owner does not already have a user ID in the DK Hostmaster self-service, a new ID must be created while moving the domain.

Before you begin, you should make sure that you have your login information handy. If you have forgotten the login for the domain, it is possible to find it by following the instructions on the login page, here.

1. Login to the DK Hostmaster self-service.

2. Choose "Transfer" in the drop-down menu in the "Manage" column.

transfer domain

PLEASE NOTE! If you wish to transfer more than one domain name, choose the link "Transfer multiple domain names" in the bottom of the screen.

3. Specify the user ID of the person or company you wish to transfer the domain name to.

If you know the user ID of the person or company you wish to transfer to, choose "Request a known user". If you do not know the user ID of the person or company, you wish to transfer to, choose "Request an unknown user / new user". Press CONTINUE.

transfer domain

4. Make sure you entered the correct information and press CONFIRM.

transfer domain

The new registrant of the domain name will receive a request via e-mail to accept the transfer. Not until the new registrant has accepted, the transfer will be carried out.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are only proxy of the domain name, the current registrant must confirm the transfer of the domain name before it can be carried out. The current registrant will receive a request by email. Once the current registrant has confirmed that the transfer may be carried out, the future registrant will receive an email with a request to accept the transfer. When the future registrant has accepted the transfer it will be carried out.

PLEASE NOTE! If you have re-registered the domain name to yourself, you must accept the transfer before it can be carried out.

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