Understanding databases

Databases are used to store dynamic data, like posts on a blog, or login information. Most modern CMS-systems use databases to store their user data.

All our web accounts have the possibility to create an unlimited amount of databases and database users. This makes it possible for you to have an individual database for each web application you run, which is considered the best practice.

We offer two types of databases:

  • MySQL

MSSQL is only available on the ASP / ASP.NET / MSSQL plans.


Quotas on databases

There is no limit for how big each database can be, or how many databases you can create.

The only limit is the limit on your web account. This means, that if your web account includes 10 GB of space, then you can use the 10 GB for databases only, if you want to. The amount of space used in each database deducts from the total amount of storage on your web account.


External connections

We offer the possibility to use your database with an external application. To do this, you need to allow your IP to access the database server in our firewall.

This can be done from your control panel, as shown in the relevant guide, which you can see by clicking here.

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