How do I get started?

Your webhotel is capable of a lot of things, and if this is your first web hotel it is natural to be uncertain about the options you have before you. This article will give you an introduction to the most commonly needed functions, such as creating an e-mail address and installing a system you can make your homepage in. There are extra sections with additional information as well.

There are a lot of exciting functions, and the webhotel can be configured to your specific needs.

To use the Dashboard it is required that you are logged in.



A major part of any web hotel is the actual web service. From your Dashboard you will be able to see various settings related to Hosting. If you want to start making your page quickly, you have two quick and easy ways. You can use our One Click Toolbox to choose one of three programs to make your website in - Wordpress, Joomla or phpBB. Click the link to see how.

You can also use Surftown Sitebuilder. This is a modern web builder tool where you can create a great website.

You can easily get started selling your products in the Sitebuilder Shop or finally get started writing your own blog.
Quick drag-and-drop widgets makes it easy to add new sections to your pages and the image editor enables you to create beautiful pictures.

Practically speaking:

The hosting is the part of your web hotel which contains all your files. All websites consists of a set of files, which are located on computers called servers. Managing your hosting is managing these files. There are various ways of accessing the files directly, if you wish. Here is a guide for using our online tool, which is the quickest way to get access.

When you add a domain to a web hotel, a new folder will be created on the server, with the same name as the domain. Using the One Click Toolbox will install a program for building websites directly on the server. These pages are then made by going to the website afterwards, and working directly on it. 



All our hosting solutions come with an email service. This allows you to create email addresses, which you can then log into from a computer, phone or similar, to read the mails. We have guides for how to set up the most common mail programs afterwards, if you need it, but also a webmail, which allows you to log in and read your mails online, without setting up a mail program.

Most customers start by creating an e-mail address for their new domain.

It is simple to create a new e-mail address and the address is a good start to a professional web-identity. 

Steps on creating an e-mail address can be found here!




Your new e-mail address can always be accessed through our Webmail. You can also set up the e-mail account in a mail client such as Outlook or Apple Mail.



To add files and a website to your account, you should create a "FTP-connection" to the account. This will allow you to upload a website you may have made in a local program, such as Dreamweaver or iWeb. 
FTP is the system that enables the move process of files from your computer to your webhotel.

We recommend, that you use the client FileZilla. It is free and easy to get started.

Configuring FileZilla is described here.

If you are unaware about your FTP details, you can look at this guide to find the information.



If you run into any troubles with your webhotel, there are several ways to get in touch with us.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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