Frequently asked qustions regarding invoicing of .dk domains

When you register a .dk domain through Surftown or if you move a .dk domain to us, then Surftown will automatically be handling invoicing of that domain. This means that if you move a .dk domain to Surftown, or if you register a domain through us, then you will receive the domain invoice from us.

We have gathered a small list of the most common questions and answers regarding this. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for then please to contact us.

Why does Surftown handle invoicing of .dk domains?

We want to make the use of your Surftown product as simple as possible. When we handle invoicing for .dk domains we eliminate a common cause for misunderstanding amongst our customers, by making sure invoices regarding a domain is always sent from one source --us. This means you do not have to handle invoices from several different parties.

In which cases will Surftown handle invoicing?

Surftown will handle invoicing of .dk domains moved to us, or registered through us. Domains registered through and transferred to DomainDirect will also be handled through us. The change is automatic and you do not have to manage this on your own.

Can I manage invoicing on my own?

Yes! After registering, or moving your domain to Surftown, use the DK Hostmaster self service to change the invoice contact for your .dk domain. Your login for DK Hostmaster's site is in the letter you receive from them.

If you have lost your login details then you can reset them through DK Hostmaster's web site.

How much does a .dk domain cost?

Prices for domain renewals are listed here.

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