How do I add write permissions for NETWORK_SERVICE under IIS7?

Sometimes, it's necessary to be able to give NETWORK_SERVICE write permissions in an application. This can be done through a simple script - just follow the steps below.

  1. Right click this link and choose 'Save destination/Link as' and save the file.
  2. Upload the networkpermission.aspx file to the root of your domain via FTP or through the File Manager in your control panel
  3. Go to yourdomain.xx/networkpermission.aspx
  4. Enter your FTP username and password, along with the path for the folder you would like to add write permissions for
  5. Click "Change Permissions"
There you go - the permissions have been changed!
If you experience problems with using the script, you can try deactivating your web.config and global.aspx in the folder you want to add permissions for.

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