How do I transfer a domain to my account?

If you already have a domain at another provider that you want to transfer to your Surftown account you can follow these steps.

For most domains, you will first need to obtain the EPP code from your current provider. EPP codes are used as a form of security and is needed for almost all domain types, including .com, .net and .se. The Danish .dk domains do not have an EPP code and are instead managed through a login with DK Hostmaster. An EPP code is sometimes also called an AUTH code.

1. When you have your EPP code, log in here and go to your Dashboard

2. In the bar at the very top of the page, there is a menu called Order. Clicking this will expand the menu. You can use this to order both new webservices/hosting or a new domain. Click Domain in the Order menu.


3. Choose "I want to TRANSFER an existing domain from another host"(1), type the domain name in the input field as shown below(2), then click Go(3).


The system will now verify the status of the domain and confirm that it exist and can be transferred. Check the box(4) next to your domain and click Confirm(5).


4. Complete the order and go back to the Dashboard, then find the domain on the list of domains.

If you are transferring a .dk domain, you will receive an email from DK Hostmaster, containing instructions for how to approve the transfer. With this, you are done and can close the guide.

If you are transferring another domain type, contact your current domain provider and ask them to give you the EPP code for your domain in order to continue the guide.

Once you have the EPP code, click on the * button next to your domain and select Please enter EPP code.

 All domains

5. Type your EPP code and click the Transfer domain button.


6. Depending on the type of domain, you may receive an e-mail where you need to confirm the transfer.

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