Joomla! - remove block from administration (403)

This guide is for when you are met with a blocked page (403) when trying to enter your Joomla administration.
The guide is a step-by-step description for you to remove the block from your connection.

1. Find out your current IP-address


3. Make sure that hidden files are shown

4. Click the folder with the same name as your domain

4b. If you have a Joomla! in a subfolder, click it to open it 

5. Click the administrator folder

6. Click the .htaccess file

7. The options on the right side will change, click the edit button

8. Under the text deny from all you need to add the IP-address you looked up: allow from [your IP-address]. A good idea is to change the last digits to the *-character if you have a dynamic IP address

For example, if your IP-address is, you should add allow from


9. Click the save button

You will now be able to access the administration area.

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