How do i create a newsletter with Mailpoet?

1. To start a newsletter, go to "Mailpoet" and choose "Newsletters". Here you will find a default template.


2. You can choose to edit the template directly, or create a copy and edit that instead. In this guide, we will be editing the template directly.


3. Now you are shown the newsletter as it will look when you send it, including the contents. In order to remove a section, click the 'X' in the bar. If you want to make changes to a section, just double click the text. If you want to change the alignment or size of images, or add image links, hover the mouse over the image to see your options. To create a new section in the newsletter, just drag the type of content you want into the newsletter from the list on the right.


4. If you want a preview of the newsletter, just fill in your e-mail address and press the button "send preview". If you like what you have created, press "save changes" and then "next". You can also send a preview to yourself during the next step.


5. You are almost done creating your first newsletter! Now you just need a little general information, like a title, and which email address you want to list as sender. In this step, you can also plan how you want to send out the newsletter, and select a list of subscribers you want to send to. Once this is done, you can save the newsletter as a draft without sending it, or you can send it out immediately.


Now you are done creating your first newsletter in Mailpoet. At this point, you are ready to send the newsletter to your subscribers. If you need to create a list of email addresses to send the newsletter to, you can follow these steps:

Add a list 6. In order to add/change/remove subscribers, you must select "subscribers" from the menu. By default, when you select this menu option, you are shown all lists of subscribers. You can change this by selecting another option than "show all lists". You can now choose to import an existing list of subscribers, or you can add the subscribers one at a time. If you choose to add them from a list, follow step a-c below. If you choose to add them one at a time, go directly to step d.


a. If you choose "Import", you can add new e-mail addresses in the text field by choosing the option "Copy-paste into a text field" or if you have an Excel-file, you can instead choose "Upload a file". a

b. If you choose "Upload a file", you must have the file saved in CSV-format in order for the form to read the contents correctly. You can find an example here of how this looks. Once you have selected your file, press "Next".


c. Now Mailpoet has loaded the subscribers from your file, and you must choose which list to add the subscribers to. If you want to create a new list of subscribers at this point, you can press "Add list". NB! If you do this, you must go through step a-b again. Once you have chosen a list to add the subscribers to, apply the change by pressing "Import".


d. If you add subscribers to a list one at a time, they must be written as follows:

e-mail;name i.e.:; First Name Surname


NB! If you have just a few subscribers to add, we recommend you use the "Add subscriber" function instead. The above function works best if you have more than 3 subscribers you want to add. To save the new subscribers, they must be added to a list as in step c above.

7. Now you have your list and your newsletter. To send the newsletter to the list, navigate to the newsletter you want to send and click next until you are on the screen shown in step 5 of this guide. Here, you can choose your list of subscribers and press "Send". Once this is done, your newsletter will be sent to your list. Once the process is complete, you will be able to view statistics of this.


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