Can I use parent paths in ASP?

It is not possible to use parent paths on our IIS7 Servers. Instead, absolute virtual paths should be used. Code which includes a file by using parent path typically looks like this:

Link to code

With the virtual path, it would look like this:

Link to code

There are certain occations, where this can cause issues, most often, it is due to a file being placed in the root of the domain folder, and accessed via parent path. If the file is in the root, then the app_data should be used instead due to security settings on the service.

On occations where a file (typically being a database) is added in the root and accessed via parent path, this procedure will not be possible. Instead another method should be applied, either by placing the file on one of the domains, and access it through a script. If using a database-file, an altertive solution is to use our MSSQL or MySQL server.

Refer to Microsofts official support page for additional exampels and information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/226474

If you would like Surftown to preform this task for you, or if you are in need of any other assistance, please have a look at the paid services we kan offer through our Service Desk Services: https://www.surftown.com/da/service-desk/
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