How do I create a contact form in ASP.NET?

The following guide will show you how to create a simple contact form on your ASP webhotel.

Right click the icon and select "save destination as.." :  (default.aspx)

This file contains the code for the contact form.

Next you should download the settings file, pick the appropriate file according to the type of wehotel you have.

For private hosting save the following file:  (default.aspx.cs)

For business hosting save the following file:  (default.aspx.cs)


Next step is to update the settings file to correspond with your email account: open the default.aspx.cs file in a text-editor.

The bottom illustration shows what the code in the file looks like.

The red arrow points to the grey text CHANGEME@YourDomain which should be replaced with your email address.
The blue arrow points to the grey text CHANGEME which should be replaced with the password for your email address. 

When updated, save the file and upload all files to your webhotel.


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