How do i Convert an Access-Database to an MSSQL-database?

At Surftown it is possible to use an Access-database (.mdb file) on your website, but it is something we advise against.
This is because we don't offer official support for Access-databases after the upgrade to Windows Server 2008.

This is based off Microsoft's own recommendation, that Access-databases should not be used in multi-user environments. Moreover, Access-databases are not optimized for performance like a regular SQL-database. If your website relies on an Access-database, it may negatively impact your website's performance.

Instead, we recommend that you use Microsoft's MSSQL database.
If you have an Access-database, you can convert it to an MSSQL-database. Microsoft has a great guide for how to do this.
You can find it here.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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