How Do I Activate Surftown Creator?

This guide will show you how to activate Surftown Creator, to get you started with your homepage.

Start by logging into your control panel here

Step 1:

In your dashboard, you will see 3 categories, under the category "Hosting" klick the "Surftown Creator" button.

Step 2:

In the newly opened message window, you will see an "on/off" button, this is by default set to off. Turn it on by clicking it.

Step 3: 

Surftown Creator is now activated! You should automatically be directed to your administration page for your Surftown Creator page.

NOTE! If you are not directed, please confirm that your browser is allowing pop-ups from - You may be warned about this the first time you log in - Make sure to always allow pop-ups from Should the option not appear, the setting can be manually applied in your browser settings.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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