How do I enable displaying PHP errors on my webhotel?

This guide will show you how to enable displaying PHP errors on your webhotel.

By default, displaying PHP errors is disabled for all webhotels. If your page does not work as expected, or if you are met with a white screen on your webhotel, you may very well be experiencing a PHP error.

First off, you must verify whether your page has an .htaccess file. If you do not have one, you can see here how to create an .htaccess file. Attention! The .htaccess file must be in the same folder as your index file.

Once you have opened your existing .htaccess file or created a new blank file, you can insert the following lines of code to enable displaying PHP errors.

php_flag display_startup_errors on
php_flag display_errors on
php_flag html_errors on

If your page has an error, the error message will now be displayed on your page similar to the example below:



We recommend you turn off displaying PHP errors again once you are done fixing the issue.

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