Configuring Exchange ActiveSync in Android (Not recommended)

What follows is a guide for how to set up an e-mail account with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) in Android. EAS makes it possible for you to synchronize e-mail, contacts and calendars from the webmail to your Android device.

Please be aware that the guide will use to represent your domain and to represent your e-mail address. When you add your e-mail account you must use your real domain and e-mail address.

The images in this article are taken from a Samsung Galaxy S5, but you should be able to follow the guide whatever Android device you are using.

1. Go to Settings on your Android device.

2. Select Accounts.


3. Scroll down and select Add account.

4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

5. Now you need to input the settings for your e-mail account.

User Information

  • Email: Enter your e-mail address
  • Password: Enter the password to your e-mail account

Now click on Manual setup.


6. Now you need to fill in some more settings.

  • Domain\username: Domain\Username
    • Domain: Enter your domain (after the @ sign)
    • Username: Enter your username (before the @ sign)
  • Exchange server:
  • Use secure connection (SSL): Yes

Now click on Next.

Exchange server settings

7. Now your device will verify the settings.

8. Once verification is complete, you'll be able to choose what to sync to your device and also the period. Then click on Next.

Account options

9. Finally, enter a description of the account you just added. This is used to identify accounts in the list of accounts on your device.

Account name

12. Now you've added your e-mail account with Exchange ActiveSync, you now have the ability to synchronize email, contacts and calendars from webmail to your Android device.

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