How do I create an extra FTP user?

Through the controlpanel, under FTP settings, you can choose to create an extra FTP user, in case you need a user with access to only a specific domain or path.

In order to create an extra FTP user, you must do the following:

1.  Begin by logging in here.

2. If you have multiple webservices, find the one which has the domain you want to manage. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. When you have expanded the webservice, click on FTP settings in the Hosting section.

FTP settings

4. Then click on the Add button, next to Sub accounts.

Add user

5.  A window will pop up, where you must fill out your Username, Relative home dir* and password. As shown below in the example. Then click on Submit and your FTP user will be created.

Create FTP sub-account

6. Your FTP user is now created, and will show up under Sub accounts.

Sub account

The buttons next to the account are used to manage the new user:

Change Password Change the password of the FTP user.
Delete user Delete the FTP-user.
File manager Open the File manager for the FTP user.
FileZilla configuration Download a FileZilla .xml configuration file for the FTP-user.

* Please note that you can choose to enter a domain name, or the path to a subfolder,, e.g. in the Relative home dir field. If you leave the field empty, the FTP user will have access to the entire FTP account.

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