Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client that is available for most operating systems. We recommend that you download and use Thunderbird, if your computer doesn’t have an email client preinstalled,

Thunderbird can be downloaded from the Mozilla Foundation’s website:

For documentation and general how-to guides, please use Mozilla’s website:

This guide will show you how to setup your Surftown email account in Thunderbird.

Before you start

You need to have your email address and password ready, before starting. If you haven’t created an email account yet, you can do it by following this guide.

You can follow this guide in case you’ve forgotten the password for your email account.

Configuring your email account

1. If it isn't the first time you start Thunderbird on your computer, you must click on Email on the Thunderbird front page in order to open the mail setup. If it is the first time you start Thunderbird on your computer, the program will open displaying the pop-up window from step 2 immediately.

2. Choose 'Skip this and use my existing email'.

3. On the next screen, first enter the name you want to use as your sender name. Then type the email address and the password for said email address. In this example we’ve use Test as name and as email address. Press continue once you’ve filled out the data.

4. Thunderbird will then show you the mail settings that it’s found. It usually takes a few seconds.

If the in- and outbound servers are listed as”” followed by STARTTLS, and your email is listed under user, just press Done. The account is then properly setup in Thunderbird.

In case Thunderbird comes back with the wrong information i.e. wrong server name, or if the username not appearing correctly, then press Manual config.

5. Enter the following information in the manual configuration window:

Server type: IMAP
Server hostname:
Port: 143
Authentication: Normal password

Server hostname:
Port: 587
Authentication: Normal password

Type in your email address in the username. In this example we’ve used “"

Finish by pressing Done

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