Configuring Windows Live Mail 2012

Windows Live Mail 2012 is a free mail program, created by Microsoft. This guide shows how to configure Windows Live Mail 2012 for use with an email account from Surftown.

Attention! Windows Live Mail does not support modern encryption methods for e-mail. The communication between you and the server will be encrypted, but the encryption will not be 100% secure. If possible, you should consider switching to another e-mail program, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird which can be downloaded for free from Mozilla Foundation.

The older encryption methods, in use by Windows Live Mail 2012, will be supported by Surftown until june 1, 2019.

Before you start

Before you start, you will need to have your e-mail address and its password at the ready. If you have not yet created an e-mail address, you can create one by following this guide.

If you have forgotten the password for your e-mail address, you can reset it using our control panel. A guide for this can be found here.

Configuring your e-mail account

1. Click on the Accounts tab(1) and then press Email(2).


2. First, enter your e-mail address, your e-mail password, and the name you want people to see in the 'From' field when you send an e-mail. In our example, we have used 'youremail@yourdomain.tld' for the e-mail address, and 'First Lastname' for the name.

Check the box Manually configure server settings and then press Next.

Add account

3. On the following page, enter the following information:


Incoming server information
Server type: IMAP
Server address:
Port: 993
Check the box "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"
Authenticate using: Clear text
Logon user name: Your e-mail address

Outgoing server information
Server address:
Port: 587
Check the box "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"
Check the box "Requires authentication"

Complete the setup by pressing Next.

4. Press Finish.


Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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