How do I install WordPress manually?

Attention! We recommend that you read through the guide in its entirety before you begin.

This guide will show you how to install WordPress manually on your web hotel. Your web hotel must of course be of the type PHP / MySQL for this to work. If you want, you have the option of using our automatic setup tool, One Click Toolbox, to perform the setup for you. You can find our guide for installing WordPress, using the One Click Toolbox, here. If you prefer to perform the setup manually, just keep reading.

1. Begin by logging in Here

2. If you have multiple webservices, find the one which has the domain you want to set up records for. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. When you have expanded the webservice, begin by creating a database for use with the Wordpress installation. To do this, click on the Databases link in the Hosting category.


4. Once the database view is loaded, you may find you already have one or more databases on the list. This does not make a difference, since we will be creating the new database as a separate entity. Press the Add button.

Databaser tilføj

5. In the dialog box that pops up, you can choose a name for your database, and give it a description (optional) to help you remember what the database was created for later on, in case you have more than one database.

  1. Choose a database name. This can contain numbers (0-9), letters (A-z), (a-z), and the characters - and _
  2. Optionally, write a description for your database.
  3. Press the Add button

Add new database

6. Now that our database has been created, the next step is to create a database user with full access to the database. To do this, click on the button Add login, as shown below.

Add login

7. In the dialog box that pops up, we have to fill out a user name, a password, and we have to set the permission level of the user. The available options are read, read/write, or dba.

  1. The user name must be 2-8 characters, and may consist of letters and numbers (A-Z), (a-z), (0-9)
  2. You can choose your own password, or let the system generate a code for you by pressing the Generate strong password link. If you choose to generate a password, remember to check the Show Password box to display the generated password and write it down for use later on in the guide.
    Add MySQL user
  3. Here, you set the User permissions for the database user. As a rule of thumb, always choose dba (DataBase Administrator) when you create a database user.
  4. Press Add.

    Add MySQL user 2

8. Before we leave the database view, we must make sure to collect all the information we will need later on in the guide. The first thing we will need is the Hostname. This can be found in the MySQL info box to the right of the page. In my example, the server is ””.


The remaining information we need is the database name (1), the database user name (2), and the password we wrote down earlier. Please note that both the database and the user are created with a prefix in front of the names we chose. The prefix must be included as part of the names when we write them down.


9. Now that the ground work of creating a database is done, we are ready to download WordPress. You can download it for free from their official website,

You can download WordPress in English, or choose another language. In my example, I want my website to be in English, so I chose to download the English version. Once the file is downloaded, you can see that is contains a folder called “wordpress”. Extract this folder to your desktop, so you can find it again in the next step. We will transfer the files to the web hotel using FTP transfer. If you don’t already have a FTP program you prefer to use, we recommend using the free program FileZilla for the transfer. We have a guide on how to configure it for use with your web hotel, here.

10. In the screenshot, I have navigated to the wordpress folder we extracted to the desktop in the previous step, in the file browser on the left of the program. I have also connected to the web hotel via FTP. Open the folder with your domain name on the right. In my example I am using the domain “”.


You will probably find that there are files in the folder already. If you have a folder named autodiscover, you should leave it in place, as it is needed for the operation of the Surftown email service for your domain. Any other files or folders can be deleted without issue, as they are not needed for Wordpress. Once you are ready, select all of the files on the left pane in FileZilla and drag them into the right pane. This process can take a while, as a default WordPress install such as this one contains more than 1000 files.

FileZilla transfer

11. Once FileZilla has finished uploading your files, we are ready for the next step. Open the browser you normally use and navigate to your domain. When the page loads, you should seethe WordPress Setup Configuration Guide. We will go through that now. First, choose your language on the list. The list displays all potential languages, but in practice, you are limited to the one you chose when downloading WordPress. Select that one and press Continue.

WP Language

12. The following screen lists what information we will need to complete the guide. This is the information we wrote down in step 8. That means we have all the information we need and are ready to proceed. Click on the Let's go! button.

WP Info

13. Now we need to enter the information from step 8. Fill in the fields, and press Submit.

WP Info

14. The following page is a confirmation that the information you entered was correct, and that Wordpress has connected to the database. Click on Run the install.

WP Run the install

15. Now we just need to supply WordPress with a bit of information about the page we want to create. The fields should be pretty self-explanatory, so I will leave it to you to fill them out on your own. Do remember to ensure that the password you choose is strong enough. A rating of “strong” should be sufficient. Once you are ready, press Install WordPress.

WP Install Wordpress

16. WordPress has now been installed manually, and you are ready to proceed to the login page by pressing the Log in button.

WP Log in

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