What is the developer section in Surftown Sitebuilder and what can I do with it?

The developer section allows advanced users to edit the site code in HTML & CSS directly inside the Sitebuilder editor. Please note that this section is not for beginners. If your modifications in this section lead to your site not working, we can only fix it by undoing all your changes, or reverting to the latest working version of the site.

You turn on the developer features in the Sitebuilder editor by clicking Developer in the Site menu

Developer tools

To enable the features, you must accept the terms, that we are not able to help you fix or modify code within the Developer section of the editor.

Terms and conditions

By editing your site in the developer section, you will be able to make radical changes to the entire site layout, including adding your own content in the header and footer sections of the template or copying a feature you like from one template to another.

For inspiration and more information regarding how you can add/remove elements on your site or build your own template, please visit this site.

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