How do I add a domain as alias for another domain?

Sometimes it is useful to be able to use the same website on different domains, e.g. if you own the same domain with and without a dash in it and want visitors to get to your site no matter if they write the name with or without the dash.

You can of course accomplish this by redirecting one domain to the other as shown in this guide. If you do that, visitors will always see the domain name you redirect to in their address bar.

If you use a domain alias instead, the visitor will see the website with the domain name they typed in their address bar.

By setting up a domain alias, you are able to set two or more domains to point at the same folder on your FTP. To see how to do this, read on.

1. Begin by logging in here.

2. If you have multiple webservices, find the one which has the domain you want to add an alias for. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. When you have expanded the webservice, click on Web Management in the Hosting section.

Web Management

4. Choose your domain from the list by pressing the arrow directly to the right of each domain.

Select your domain

5. You are now on the Web Management screen for your domain.

Web Management

You can expand the list of existing domain aliases (1) if you want to see which domains already exist, or you can go straight on to adding a new alias by clicking the Add button (2).

6. Write the name of the domain you want to add as alias in the text box and click the Save Button.

Add Domain Alias

Note! You cannot add a domain as alias if it is already connected as a full domain on a Surftown webhotel. Follow this guide to remove the domain if needed.

7. Now your domain will be listed as an alias.

Domain alias

The DNS settings for your domain may need to be updated before it will work. If the domain is using Surftown's name servers this will happen automatically within 24 hours. If you are using an external DNS service, you must add the correct DNS A Records manually. Contact Surftown support if you are in doubt.

If you would like Surftown to preform this task for you, or if you are in need of any other assistance, please have a look at the paid services we kan offer through our Service Desk Services: https://www.surftown.com/da/service-desk/
Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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