How do I increase my email quota?

This guide requires access to the webhotel controlpanel. If you are not the owner/administrator of the webhotel, you must contact this person to request a larger inbox size.

When you create a new email address on your webhotel, our system defaults to the maximum allowed inbox size on the server. This size is 2048MB for Private customers and 10240MB for Business customers.

If your Surftown email address has existed for a while, it may be that it was created back before this policy was in place, and may have a lower quota set than the maximum allowed. In this case, you will be able to use the webhotel controlpanel to increase the quota towards the previously mentioned maximum.

1. Begin by logging in here.

2. If you have multiple webservices, find the one which has the domain your e-mail address exists on. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. Click Mail Overview in the Email category.

Click Mail Overview

4. A popup will open, from which you can choose between any domain on your account. If the mail account whoose password you want to change is called example@test-domain.comyou should choose the domain on the list, by pressing the button with the arrow directly to the right of each domain.

Choose your domain

5. Locate your email address on the list. If your email address is called your email address will be listed as example. Click the quota button next to your email address.

Set the mail quota

6. Now you can input a new quota in megabytes. If your webhotel is a Business webhotel, the maximum allowed is 10240MB. Otherwise the maximum is 2048MB. If you have a Private webhotel and would like access to the 10GB inbox option, you must upgrade your webhotel to one of the Business packages. This can be done using the Upgrade button on the Dashboard front page, or by contacting Surftown Support.

Set the mail quota

7. Now you can see your updated quota listed next to the email address. It can take up to an hour before the new setting takes effect on the server.

The mail quota is set

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