Blacklisting an email address

In some cases, it may be required to block all incoming emails from a specific address. In order to do this, you can use the Blacklist in the anti-spam settings in the Dashboard. Blacklisted emails will be automatically discarded regardless of the Action setting.

Please keep in mind, that the blacklist applies to all email addresses on a domain. Additionally, please keep in mind that emails from blacklisted email addresses will be discarded and that you will not be able to recover them.

1. Go to the Anti-spam settings in the Dashboard.

2. Select the domain or sub-domain in the list(1).

3. Enter the email address you want to block in the Blacklist (2). You can add multiple addresses, separated by line breaks. You can also use * as a wildcard in order to block all email addresses on a single domain (i.e. *

4. Press Update to save the changes (3).

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