Changing the default action for emails identified as spam

Surftown's spam filtering system is normally set to delete all messages identified as spam. In some cases it may be required to simply mark those messages as spam instead. This can be done through the Dashboard.

The available options are to mark spam messages as spam, or to delete them permanently. Please note, that changes affect all email addresses on the domain, and that once a message has been deleted by the spam filter it cannot be recovered!

If you mark messages as spam, then they will be marked with ***SPAM*** in the subject of the email. They will also get an additional email header that can be used for filtering in your email client: X-Spam-Flag: YES

1. Go to the Anti-Spam settings in the Dashboard.

2. Select your domain or sub-domain (1).

3. Select the desired action (2).

4. Click the Update button (3).

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