Managing server-side caching for PHP hosting

All Surftown's PHP hosting packages use Litespeed servers to serve the web sites. Litespeed is an enterprise-level web server, designed for speed as well as compatibility with Apache servers.

One of the more exciting features of Litespeed is it's built in cache for PHP files. This enables very fast serving of dynamic web sites.

If you are using WordPress for your web site, we recommend you use the Litespeed cache plugin to control the cache. WordPress installed using our 1-click toolbox will have the plugin installed and enabled by default.


The Litespeed cache is controlled through your web site's .htaccess file. The full documentation for it is available on Litespeed's wiki page. Please note, that this documentation is intended for advanced users only. Surftown will not be able to provide support regarding custom caching configurations.

Disabling cache

In order to disable all caching completely, add the following to your website's .htaccess file:

CacheDisable public /
CacheDisable private /

It is possible to disable caching only for certain subfolders, by modifying the path.

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