Configuring Filezilla to connect in Active mode

On some of Surftown's servers, you may be required to connect using Active mode when connecting to your FTP account. Depending on your local network settings, additional configuration may be needed in order to connect using Active mode.

The following guide is written for the free FileZilla FTP client, which is the FTP client software recommended by Surftown. If you use another FTP client then please check it's documentation to find the corresponding settings.

1. Go to Edit -> Settings.

2. Go to Connection -> FTP -> Active mode.

3. Enable "Limit local ports used by FileZilla" and note the ports used (1), enable "Get external IP address from the following URL" and insert the following link: (2), press OK (3).

4. If you have a direct Internet connection then you should now be able to connect. If you are behind a router, then you will also need to enable port forwarding for the port range specified in step 3. Please consult your router's documentation for more information.

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