How do I request a data restore?

Surftown keeps backups of all your data for at least 30 days. This means that if something happens and you haven't got a backup, we can restore the data for you.

Restore of data from backup is free if you have a Plus or a Premium hosting service. If you have another account type then you may be charged for the service. Prices are listed in our product overview.

In order to request a restore of your data, please create a new support ticket through our contact form. We require the following information in order to restore your data:

  • Information about which data you want to have restored (folder name, database name, email address etc.)
  • A date and time you want your data restored from (i.e. Monday afternoon)
  • If you want us to overwrite the current data or if we should set the restored data aside for later access

You will be contacted as soon as the restore has been handled. Normal handling time is 24 hours. Cases regarding accounts with VIP or or prioritized support will be handled accordingly.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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