How to set IMAP folder for Sent, trash and spam.

One of the advantages of using an IMAP connection in your email program is that settings are shared across all of your devices: You can e.g. see emails sent from one device on another in your sent mail folder. In some cases, Apple mail may lose track of which folders are used by Surftown's servers, and you will find that you get duplicates of some folders, like Sent mail, Trash, or your Spam folder. This guide will show you how to define which folders are used for these purposes in Apple mail manually to fix the issue.

Email Mailbox Behaviors

1. Start by clicking Preferences... in the Mail menu.

Mail Preferences

2. Now you need to open the mail server settings.

  1. Select the Accounts tab.
  2. Click on the email address you want to configure on the list on the left.
  3. Click on the Mailbox Behaviors tab.


3. The following folders are the ones used by Surftown's mail servers, but you can choose others if you want:

  • Drafts Mailbox: INBOX/Drafts
  • Sent Mailbox: INBOX/Sent
  • Junk Mailbox: INBOX/Junk E-mail
  • Trash Mailbox: INBOX/Trash
  • Archive Mailbox: INBOX/Archive

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