How do I enable https on my Sitebuilder site?

Encryption with https is intended to provide benefits like confidentiality, integrity and identity. Your information remains confidential from prying eyes because only your browser and the server can decrypt the traffic. Integrity protects the data from being modified without your knowledge.

All Surftown Sitebuilder websites come preloaded with Let’s Encrypt encryption. Visitors are able to browse the site using either http or https by typing it in front of the url in their browser. Visitors to the site using https may be redirected to http due to internal linking to http.

If you want to make sure that all visitors browse your site with https to increase their security, there is a setting in the Sitebuilder editor that you can enable. This guide will show you how.

1. Login to the Sitebuilder editor

2. Click settings in the menu on the left

3. Click security in the settings menu

4. Toggle the force https setting to enabled

5. Click the yellow save button in the upper right corner.

You should get a confirmation that the settings are saved.

The setting takes effect immediately. All visitors to the site will now be forced onto https, even if they manually write http:// in front of the url.

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