What is automatic renewal and how does it work?

With automatic renewal of webhotels and domains, you are able to register a credit card with Surftown, which will be used automatically to capture payment for any recurring invoices. This setting is global on your account. Automatic renewal is turned on for all services and domains on your account, or turned off entirely. It is not possible to use the feature selectively.

Note: Surftown does not store any credit card information. This is done by our payment provider. Surftown only stores a credit card token, which will be used to authorize payments of recurring invoices.

Automatic renewal has been enabled for all customers, but will not be used before you choose to pay an invoice using a credit card. If you are paying your invoices using bank transfers or EAN payments, nothing has changed. You can continue in the same way.

Note that if you make a manual payment with a credit card, this will replace any credit card you may have saved on your account before, and the new card will be used for future automatic renewals.

If you want to make a credit card payment and then turn off automatic renewal afterwards, you can of course do this. See the guide under related articles below.

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