How do I remove spam mail from the e-mails i receive?

Here you find information about how to use our anti-spam feature on your e-mail addresses as well as how to sort spam mails from your own e-mail program.

Spam quantities

Surftown receives a lot of spam on our ingoing mail servers. Approx. 8 out of 10 incoming mails are spam, which are removed immediately. This means that even before e-mails reach your mail box, they will have been sorted for spam. The first filter still allows some spam mails through. If we make this filter more aggressive, we risk removing normal mails. Below you will find a number of things you can do to handle spam mails that escape the first filter.

Switch on anti-spam

See this guide on how to switch on anti-spam for your email address:

How do I change the anti spam settings for a domain?

Adjust the spam filter

Follow this guide if you want to adjust the amount of spam captured:

Changing the sensitivity level of the spam filter

Sort spam from your e-mail program

If the spam filter's most aggressive setting removes normal e-mails, one solution is to lower the setting, or to have incoming spam-mails moved out of the way instead of outright deleted. The latter is done by selecting "Mark as spam" in the spam filter set-up. Spam-mails are then marked with "***SPAM***" in the subject heading. With this, you can create a filter in your e-mail program, so that spam mails are moved automatically to a specific folder.

In Outlook you can often just right-click on a spam mail and select "Create rule" and then follow the guide.

Keep your e-mail address private

Avoid as much as possible your e-mail address being accessible on the Internet in pure text form, as it will be quickly captured and stored in spam databases.

For instance you can use a mail form on your website instead of listing your email address.

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