How to add/update your credit card for automatic renewal?

The following guide will show how to add a new credit card for use with automatic renewal, or switch out an existing saved credit card. It is only possible to keep one credit card saved for use with automatic renewal, so using a new card for a manual payment will also replace your saved credit card information.

Note: Surftown does not store any credit card information. This is done by our payment provider. Surftown only stores a credit card token, which will be used to authorize payments of recurring invoices.

1. Start by logging into the Dashboard.

2. Click your name in the top right corner, next to the language selector, and select Settings in the menu.

3. Click on Subscriptions view

4. If you have previously made a payment on your account using another credit card, you must clear the saved card by clicking the Remove saved credit card button before you can save a new card on your account.

5. If you have not yet made a payment using a credit card since the automatic renewal feature was introduced, you must first accept our new terms of service in order to allow us to charge your credit card on the payment date. You can do this at the same time that you add a credit card.

If there is a checkbox, “I accept Surftown Terms of Service…” make sure it is checked. If there is no checkbox, you have previously accepted the updated terms. Now click the button Add a credit card.

6. Follow the directions shown in the payment gateway to save your chosen credit card. As is noted in the window, no payment will be made at this time.

7. You will now be taken back to the Subscriptions view, where you can see the credit card you saved listed.

Note: Any invoices that were already open on your account at the time automatic renewal was enabled are not switched to automatic payment. These invoices will have to be paid manually.

To check if you have any invoices like this pending payment, go back to the Dashboard front page and click the Invoice archive button in the column on the right.

In the column on the right, you can see if any of your invoices are set for manual payment.

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