How do I show or hide folders on an IMAP email address

If your email address is set up in your email program using IMAP, which is the default setup we recommend in most cases, your emails are all stored on Surftown’s mail servers, and what you see in your mail program is just a representation of what is on the server. This means that any setting you change on one device takes effect everywhere you use your email address with IMAP.

Folder list

You can use Surftown’s webmail client to choose if you want to hide any of your email folders apart from the default folders, Inbox, Sent mail, Trash, etc. from view. This setting is global across all programs where your email address is added, e.g. on your phone or computer, and can be changed at any time by you using webmail.

1. Log in to webmail.

2. Go to the settings menu.


3. Click on Mail in the menu on the left.

Mail settings

4. Scroll to the bottom of the mail settings page, and click the Change IMAP subscriptions button. This will open a pop-up box, showing the folder structure of your email address.

IMAP folders

5. Expand the list to show the complete folder structure. Any folder with a checkmark next to it is set to be displayed on the folder list. Any folder without a checkmark is hidden from view. Make your selections of which folders you want to be visible, then press Save.

IMAP folders

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