How do I set up my e-mail on my computer or phone? Suftown can do it for you!

When you get a new computer or phone and want to check your emails from there, you have to add your email address to the device.

We have a number of excellent guides to help you set up your email in the most commonly used email clients. These guides are available here.

If you feel all of this is too much work, or you feel it is too complicated to wrap your head around, then don’t worry! We can of course do the work for you and set up your email address.

What we can do is actually connect to your computer or device and set it up for your e-mail account without you needing to enter any information yourself.

We will connect to you with TeamViewer and make sure your email address is working before we leave.

Please contact us for a non-binding offer on e-mail setup here:

EN: Please just contact Support, through our chat to get more information or order.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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