How do I fix a hacked website? Surftown can do it for you!

One of the more frustrating experiences about running a website is when you are unlucky to get your web site hacked. If this would happen, your priority would usually be to get the site restored to normal as fast as possible and back online. Cleaning a hacked website can be a lot of work, as well as expensive, both in lost revenue from the site being down, and in wages for the work needed to restore the site.

Many of our customers have created their websites using the very popular CMS WordPress, so Surftown wants to be able to help our customers in case their WordPress site gets hacked. We know everything about how our server setup is configured, so we can usually solve this task a lot quicker and cheaper than many external consultants.

Regardless of the reason why your site may have been hacked, or even if you just feel that your site could use a safety check to ensure you aren’t at risk of being hacked in the future, we can help you get the site cleaned and secured.

What do you get from this service?

We remove all potentially harmful files, we update all WordPress components, plugins and themes to the latest available version, and we replace and update all passwords to make sure your security is up to standards.

Once we are done, your site will look as close as technically possible to how it did before it got hacked, by using updated versions of your theme and plugins. You will also receive guidelines on what you have to think about in the future to avoid getting your site hacked again.

If you would like our help to fix your hacked site, you can get a non-binding offer here:

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