How do I get personal consulting on my web hotel or website? Surftown can do it for you!

Have you been through our Service Desk services and found that there is no service that you felt fit the challenge that you have in front of you right now? Then this is the service for you. We have a great support team with a lot of knowledge who are passionate about helping our customers.

No questions are stupid questions, we are here to help!

Our consultants are ready to help with anything IT related by phone or Teamviewer for an hourly rate. All you need is to contact us and describe your task and we will be able to say how we can help you.

Need help installing an antivirus program on your computer? We can help you.

Need help configuring your Apple Time Capsule backup? We can help you.

Need a hand opening ports on your router? We can (probably) help you with that too.

Whatever you need help with, we will listen and give you information about how we can help you. If you were to start a consulting service with Surftown and we could not solve the task, then we will refund you the consulting cost.

Contact us for a non-binding offer, here:

EN: Please just contact Support, through our chat to get more information or order.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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Are you facing bigger challenges which requires a bit more know-how and time than you have?

Surftown Service Desk is services where we do the work to you. Our Service desk will get the job done.

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