How do I update my WordPress site and plugins? Surftown can do it for you!

It is important to always make sure your website is updated to the latest versions. When you don’t keep your website up to date, you expose your site to unnecessary risks of being a target for possible hacking attempts that can cause you a lot of extra work to recover from.

If you feel insecure about how you make sure that your WordPress site is up to date, Surftown has this service where we make sure that WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and WordPress itself are updated to the latest version. Even if you have never updated your website and find it to be on a very old version, there is a good chance that we still are able to update it. In the rare occasions where even we are not able to update your site, Surftown has other services where we can offer to get you on to an updated platform.

We have our Website Conversion service where we can move your site's content to a new and up to date installation of WordPress, or if you don’t ever want to worry about updates again, we can get you up and running with our Suftown Sitebuilder website builder tool.

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