What can you do with Surftown referral program?

Thank you for recommending Surftown to others!
Using the Surftown referral program, you can earn a referral bonus as a credit to your account with Surftown every time a customer you referred to us purchases a hosting account.

You can start earning your bonus by following these three easy steps:

1. Grab your unique referral link in the client area.

Earn BonusReferral link

2. Share the link with your friends or customers
Click here for examples on how to embed your referral link on your website

3. Get your bonus.

Make your sale more attractive.

Since you earn a percentage of each sale you facilitate, you can choose to pass a part of that bonus on to your friends or customers by giving them a cheaper hosting account for the first year.

The way to do this is to create a discount code which can be applied during checkout.

1. Click on "Create a discount code"

Discount code

2. Choose which products your discount code should be applicable for.

Bonus plans

3. From here you can customize the discount code, choosing if it should be time limited, limited in the number of times it can be used, as well as the percentage discount you want to provide.

Discount options

4. Press Add discount code

    The discount code will now be available under How to refer -> Your discount codes

Discount code

Every time someone uses one of your discount codes to buy a webhotel, you will get a nice commission, giving you a great way to attract even more customers!

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