Surftown referral bonus

We would like to honor your referrals to Surftown with a great bonus.

Bonus plans:

You can always see the current bonus rates inside your Client Area by clicking on "Earn bonus"

Earn Bonus

Current rates:
Referring to Starter, Advanced, Expert: 70% - up to 730 DKK
Referring to Plus, Medium, Premium: 30% - up to 870 DKK


How do you get your bonus?

We automatically transfer your earned bonus as a credit on your account with Surftown.
The credit will be available 30 days after your referred customer paid his order.
You can always see your available credits in your Invoice Archive

Invoice Archive

Available credit is automatically applied to any renewal of your services with Surftown.
Remaining outstanding credits can be applied on other unpaid invoices and used for purchasing new domains or other services through the Invoice Archive.
Apply credit to invoice


Is your bonus declined?

In rare cases we are not able to transfer the bonus to your account.
If your referred customer makes use of the 14 days Money Back Guarantee, you will not receive a bonus.
We will inform you about this in an email.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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