Adding a mailing list

Surftown provides the ability for customers to create mailing lists that send emails on behalf of approved senders. This allows group email for discussion and distribution of information.

Please note, that while the mailing lists can be used for bulk email purposes, this is not the intended use. If you intend to use a mailing list for sending bulk email, please read this entire document first.

1. Start by clicking Email -> Mail overview

2. Click the Go to domain button next to your domain name in the Action collumn.

3. Scroll down the page and click the Add button under mailing lists.

4. Enter the name and a description of the list (optional) and press the Add button.

5. Click the Moderator settings button next to the name of the list in the Action collumn. Add a moderator email address. The moderator will be required to approve any message sent to the mailing list.

6. Click the Subscriber settings button next to the name of the list in the Action collumn. Add an email address here in order to add it to the list.

The mailing list has now been set up. In order to send to it, send an email to it. The moderator address will then receive an email with instructions on how to approve it.

Regarding moderation

Your new mailing list will be in moderated mode. This means that the moderator you added must approve all emails before they are sent to the recepients on the list.

If you want to remove moderation for your list, please contact customer service.

Blocking email from non-moderators

If you intend to use the mailing list for bulk email, you should disallow emails from non-moderators, to ensure replies to bulk emails will not be sent to the entire list by accident. This can be done by pressing the Edit Mailing List button and then enabling the Reject posts from addresses other than moderators option.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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