How do I set up automatic email forwarding?

It is often necessary to forward incoming mails to one or more pre-defined addresses.

For example, perhaps a more official e-mail address needs to forward all incoming mails to a private e-mail address, or you may want to forward personal mails to a spouse, so you can both read it independently.

Fortunately it is very easy to set up such forwarding, and this guide explains how to do it.

Attention! Recently, anti-spam measures such as SPF have become more common among e-mail providers such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. When you forward an e-mail that originates from a domain set up with SPF, the forwarded mail is likely to get caught in the recipient's spam filter, since it is no longer sent from the originating mail server.

If you still want to set up an e-mail forward, read on.

1. Begin by logging in here

2. If you have multiple webservices, find the one which has the domain your e-mail address exists on. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. Click Mail Overview in the Email category

Click Mail Overview

4. Now a popup will open, from which you can choose between any domain on your account. If the mail account you want to setup forwarding for is called mail@mydomain.comyou should choose the domain on the list, by pressing the button with the arrow directly to the right of that domain.

Choose your domain

5. You will now see the overview for your email accounts. There are a few buttons next to each mail account, that you can use to edit them. The button used to insert and edit mail forwarding, is under Forward in the overview. Click the button, as shown in the image.


6. A popup window will open on the page. Inside this is a big field, where you can enter all the email addresses you want to forward to, from the chosen email address.

You can enter several email addresses by putting a comma between them, like so:,

The previous text will forward any mail received, to both and You can also remove previously inserted mail addresses from the list by pressing the red X button next to the address.
When you are done, press the button labeled Mail forward, to accept the changes and make the mail forwarding active.

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