How do I access one of my databases from an external IP address?

There are many situations in which it would be nice to access your database from en external IP address.

For example, access from an external IP address gives you the possibility to use local programs for things regarding the database (like administration or a developing environment directly connected to the database).

This guide will show you just how simple and quickly you can edit the list of IP addresses who are allowed to access your database.


1. Locate the webbhotel you have the database you want to allow external acces for then click on Databases

1a. Make sure the proper database tab is active (MySQL or MSSQL)

2. Click the +ADD button

3. Enter details in the input fields followed by the Save button:

IP Address Owner: The holder of the IP address

Edit IP Address: The IP address that should be allowed access

The IP address will be able to connect after 1 hour.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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