Vilka upplysningar ska jag använda i min FTP-klient?

In order to set up an FTP connection you need to know your FTP username, password and your host name. 

All of this information can be found inside your control panel, except the password. This guide will show you the way to find all your FTP details and tools! 

1. Begin by logging in here

2. If you have multiple webservices, locate the webhotel that you wish to log into via FTP. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. Once you have found the correct webhotel, click FTP settings which you find under Hosting. This will open a new page.

4. The page you now see, will show you different options and information about FTP for the webhotel. In the top right corner is a section called FTP details. Here you can see the user name and the host name.

Your FTP client will also need a port and a password. The port you should use is 21. If you don't know the password, you can set a new one by following our guide here.

If you are using the FTP client FileZilla, you don't have to configure it manually. You can follow our guide on automatically setting up FileZilla to connect to your website, here.

5. If you use a webhotel with php/MySQL you will need to use a passive FTP connection. This is standard in most FTP clients. If you have an ASP/.NET webhotel, you will to use an active FTP connection. How to set this varies a bit, but is in Filezilla found in the menu under edit -> settings. Our guide for setting this up can be found here.

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