How do I add an email alias?

Often one person will have many different mail addresses. For example you may need a private and work mail.
Practically speaking it is often a good idea to gather all mails on a single mail address, so you will only need to log into one account, to check for new mails in several.
This guide describes how an existing address can be added as an alias, to another already existing mail address. Once an address is added as an alias, it will automatically forward all mails to the address for which it is an alias. An alias must be on the same domain as the mail address, so if you wan't an alias for, the email alias must be on the domain
Also, note that the alias must first be added as a normal email address.

1. Begin by logging in Here

2. If you have multiple webservices, find the one which has the domain your e-mail address exists on. If you have many and are in doubt which webservice you need, you can click here.

3. Click Mail Overview in the Email category

Click Mail Overview

4. If you have several domains on the webhotel, a popup will open, from which you can choose between any domain on your account. If the mail account whoose password you want to change is called mail@mydomain.comyou should choose the domain on the list, by pressing the button with the arrow directly to the right of each domain.

Choose your domain

5. You will now see the overview for your email accounts on the domain you chose. There are a few buttons next to each mail account, that you can use to edit them. You will find the button used to enter aliases under Alias. Press the Alias button next to the mail address you want an alias for, as shown in the image.

6. A popup will open, in which you can add and remove mail aliases for the selected mail address. You can see the available mail addresses which you can add as aliases, in the list on the left side. I you mark a mail address by clicking it from that list, you can then add it as an alias by clicking Add. The marked mail address will then be moved to the list on the right, where you find the current aliases. If you want to remove an alias, mark it on the list on the right and then click Delete - it will be moved to the list of available aliases on the left. Once you are satisfied with the setup, click Save changes. This will close the popup window and your new aliases will be active immediately after.

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