Recommended applications

We recommend that you use the following software to connect with your Surftown web account. You are not limited to using these applications, but we recommend using them.


FTP - file transfers

FileZilla is a free application for connecting with the FTP site on your web account. It works on computers running Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and most Linux distributions.



Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser, is created by a global non-profit organization. It works on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, most Linux distributions and some distributions of Android.

Google Chrome is also a free browser, created and maintained by the search engine Google. It works well on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, most Linux distributions, iOS and Android.



We recommend using the Surftown Webmail for accessing your emails. The webmail is browser based and works on all platforms, including most smartphones. Surftown Webmail is included in all our products.


MySQL - database

For administrating your MySQL database at Surftown, we recommend our PHPMyAdmin site. The information's needed to login is found in your control panel. It is browser based and works on all platforms.

It is possible to use an external tool for connecting to your MySQL database.


MSSQL - database

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) is the free edition of Microsoft's premium software for administrating MSSQL databases. It is only usable from a Microsoft Windows computer.

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