How do I install phpBB? (One Click Toolbox)

The easiest way to install phpBB on your website is to use our One Click Toolbox. This will enable you to install phpBB with minimal hassle, and without having to do everything manually.

The One Click toolbox is disabled on new hosting services by default. To enable it, you need to select your hosting service from the Dashboard, and then click the 'off' label.

This will enable the One Click toolbox and enable you to install the supported applications by selecting phpBB and then clicking 'Install'.

During the installation you will be prompted to select the domain, path, username and password as well as your email address. You will also be able to chose the name and language of your phpBB installation.


The domain is the main location for the site and you are allowed to pick one from the list of domains registered to the current hosting service.


The path lets you choose where you would like to install your application; '/phpbb' means your application will be installed in the folder '/phpbb', while a lonely / will mean that the application will be installed directly in the root.

Website Name

The name of your website.

User name

The user name is the login of the administrative user for phpBB. Please keep in mind that 'admin' is not recommended, as it reduces the security of your website.


The password is the password that you would like to use along with the user name. We recommend a password at least 8 characters long, and with both numbers and letters in it.

Once you have filled in the required information, please read the License agreement, and tick the box signifying that you agree to it. Once done press 'Submit' to install phpBB.

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