Domain management

Domains are managed by clicking the button with the * in the bottom of the dashboard.

In the domain management you can do the following actions for your domains where this is supported:Changing contact information

  • Changing nameservers
  • Renewal
  • Lock/Unlock for transfer (Add on)

Changing contact information
The contact information should always be up to date to comply with the rules. Here you can update your details if needed, it is also possible to change the details to another owner.

Changing nameservers 
You can change the nameservers of your domains, ie you get the domain to point to different places, by changing the nameservers. Surftown, fx has 3 nameservers to be included on the domain in order to point to Surftowns servers.

All domains are registered with Surftown or moved to Surftown gets Surftowns 3 nameservers.

If you want to change/reset to Surftowns nameservers, just click on "Add Surftown Nameservers". 

If you want to change to other nameservers, type them in the input fields, finish by clicking the "update" button

Renew domain

Here you are able to renew the domain manually if you want to extend the domain period. Domains will be automatically renewed with 1 year when they reach their expiry.

Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to ask our support

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